Strike Industries Latchless AR-15 Charging Handle - Black

Manufactured by Strike Industries
Manufactured by Strike Industries
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Mil-Spec AR-15 charging handles don’t fail often, but when they do, it is typically the latch that is the first part to wear out. The Strike Industries Latchless Charging Handle eliminates this problem. It’s simple, ambidextrous design has fewer moving parts and a flat spring that locks to the inside of the upper receiver. The internal diameters of the charging handle slot are radiused which reduces friction and wear unlike the traditional 90° surface that a traditional charging handle uses. Another benefit of the flat spring design is the enlarged bearing surface that spreads out force and wear over a larger surface area. This ambidextrous charging handle is anodized black and forged from 7075 aluminum to ensure a long lasting service life.

Note: For Mil-Spec AR-15 only. Not rated for suppressed, full auto, SBRs, or pistol length barrels.

  • Forged from 7075 aluminum
  • Anodized black
  • Flat spring internal locking mechanism
  • No moving parts that are potential break points
  • Snag free and ambidextrous design
  • Modular ISO-Tab system to customize the look and feel
  • Gas vents to help reduce blow-back

The Strike Latchless Charging Handle also features a modular design that allows the use of their ISO-Tabs: a larger and aggressively textured grip that allows for quick and efficient weapon manipulation. Whether you are wearing gloves or running a large optic, these handles will improve the look and function of your rifle. The can be had in all the same anodized colors as the SI charging handles, so you can mix and match to give your rifle a unique look.

Strike Industries products are designed by shooting experts for the shooting sportsman. They have anything from AR-15 parts and accessories to Glock components so you can completely customize your set up no matter what you run. Their complete line of innovative products come in a huge variety of colors and finishes so you can not only customize function, but personalize your look. You can’t go wrong with Strike Industries.
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BrandStrike Industries
Latch SizeMedium Latch
MaterialAluminum - 7075-T6
Weight0.9 Oz
California Prop 65 warning

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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews


It Does the Job for a Good Price!


I've had one of these in a 300 BO pistol for a few months. So far no problems, it does what it is meant to do, and it's 7075 T6 aluminum, much less expensive than the BCM handle, so it's getting 5 stars from me.

Works fantastic on my 5.56 rifles, not so much on my 7.62x39 rifle.

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Fantastic idea. No pins or springs to worry about. The only downside I have found is that they can't stand up to the recoil of my 7.62x39 upper. Latch will smack me in the face with every shot.

Buy it again!!

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I've had this charging handle for almost a year 3000 rounds and not a single issue


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The latchless charging handle broke. The Silver metal spring you can see next/underneath the 7075-T6 POPPED OFF the body of the charging. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! What if I was being shot at?!! I heard good things about Strike Industries Latchless C/H ( maybe it was a defect? I am going with something I can trust my life with for all of my rifles now.

Awesome ambi charging handle!


This is my favorite charging handle out there! I love the latchless design and can say after using it for a few months now that it still functions the same as it did on day one. I haven't purchased the extra tabs to make it a little larger, but am looking forward to doing so. If you're looking for an ambi charging handle without wanting to spend more than you want to, this is for sure the way to go.

SI Latchless charging handle


The SI Latchless charging handle looks and feels like a quality charging handle but the one thing I noticed with my New Frontier Armory Slick Side upper is the charging handle has some play that makes metal to metal noise when handling the rifle. Never encountered this with any of my other charging handles before. Other than the play in the charging handle, it functions fine.

I bought a lot of Strike Industries parts.....

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Strike Industries makes great stuff at an affordable price.

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Strike Industries makes great stuff at an affordable price.
First time using latchless, no issues yet.



I was surpised by this simple design. It is much lighter and more compact no-snag handle portion, yet allows the fingers to get plenty of grip surface. It allows a cleaner,streamlined area proximal to the latch area (and never gets that area scraped up in operation. I run several of these, albeit on 223/5.56mm 16"+ barrels. The low price and light weight first got me thinking "you get what you pay for", but I was pleasantly surprised how well these work in-reality. Only negatives are that the internal latching area dhould be clean, and unlatching occurs nearly siamultaneously as the bolt-unlocking, which adds to rearward force needed to extract a stuck spent casing. However, the extra force then drops off, making the additional tearward distance feel less and making extraction more positive. Also, this design has some of the CH milled for the internal latch, which could failure when pounded-on with a foot. etc., so I suggest mortaring buttstock instead.