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Primary Arms GLx 4-16x50 FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS HUD DMR Reticle - .308 / .223

Manufactured by Primary Arms
SKU: PA-GLX-4-16X50F-HUD-308
MPN: 610132
Manufactured by Primary Arms
13 Reviews

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This rifle scope is part of the mid-tier optics line called GLx. GLx brings premium technology and materials into an approachable price range.

The GLx 4-16x50mm rifle scope has a 4x magnification range, offering a massive field of view excellent for scanning and tracking movement, but improved medium-to-long range precision as well. For hunting, competition, or even just punching paper at the range, the combination of quality, features, and of course the Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS®) reticles is hard to beat.

  • 4-16x Magnification
  • 50mm objective
  • 3.5" - 3.6" of eye relief
  • 30mm main tube
  • High strength one-piece 6061-T6 aluminum body
  • Compact design is 13.8" long and weighs just 23.5 Oz
  • Premium grade glass
  • Patented turret mechanisms
  • Steel-on-Steel precision adjustments
  • Tactile and audible 1/10 MIL click value
  • Locking turrets protect your zero
  • Integrated return-to-zero
  • Elevation Rotation Indicators
  • Movable and replaceable magnification ring fin
  • First Focal Plane ACSS HUD DMR .308 reticle
  • Compatible with some .223 Rem loads

This GLx 4-16x50mm rifle scope features the newly designed patented turret mechanisms, offering not just a new look but a host of incredible new features! Each movement of the turret will provide a crisp, audible, and tactile 0.1 MIL click that will never wear out thanks to the tough steel-on-steel construction! Externally, these locking turrets feature a high speed return to zero, ensuring that once your zero is set you won't have to worry about bumps or the environment making unintended changes to your turrets. The return to zero feature allows shooters to rapidly return to their elevation to 'Zero' after dialing out for long-range engagements without having to keep track of the adjustments you made to get out there in the first place. Not sure where you left your elevation the last time you were at the range? Not only can you simply return your scope to your set Zero, the elevation turret features elevation rotation indicators to get you back on track at a glance.

The GLx is also home to one of the newest features. The smooth magnification ring hosts an innovative swappable adjustment fin. The fin can be easily positioned anywhere around the magnification ring to meet the needs of the shooter. Optional upgrades and alternatives are on the way as well, allowing users to customize their scope to meet their needs.

This 4-16x50mm GLx scope is equipped with the first focal plane ACSS HUD DMR .308 reticle. Tuned specifically for popular .308 Winchester loads, but functional with some .223/5.56 and 6.5 Grendel loads as well, the ACSS HUD DMR .308 reticle offers a remarkable number of advanced features in a clean and intuitive design. Leads for moving targets out to a full 600 yards, wind leads, ranging, and bullet drop out to 1,000 yards, and even a MIL-ranging system are built in to the clean design. An illuminated horseshoe and center chevron allow for remarkably fast engagement of close-in targets. At any range, hits are intuitive without any need for math or digging through data books! Simply range, hold, and break the shot!

Note: While the ACSS HUD DMR .308 reticle is compatible with some .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO loadings, they recommend the dedicated ACSS-HUD-DMR-5.56 model for guns chambered in these calibers.
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PA-GLX-4-16X50F-HUD-308 MANUAL 1
PA-GLX-4-16X50F-HUD-308 MANUAL 2


Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin
BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value0.1 Mil
Exit Pupil DiameterLow: 12.20 mm / High: 3.20 mm
Eye ReliefLow: 3.60 in / High: 3.50 in
Field View 100Low: 23.70 ft / High: 6.30 ft
Focal PlaneFirst Focal Plane
IlluminatedPartial Illumination
Magnification4X - 16X
Mount Compatibility30mm
Night Vision CompatibleNight Vision Compatible
Objective Diameter50mm
Optic SeriesGLx
ReticleACSS HUD DMR 308
Reticle ColorRed
Reticle TypeBDC
Total Elevation Adjustment25 MIL
Total Windage Adjustment16 MIL
Tube Diameter30mm
Turret FeaturesExposed Turrets, Tactical / Target Profile, Finger Adjustable, Locking, Zero Reset, Zero Stop
Weight23.5 Oz.
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California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Very good scope.


Very good scope. Good light, good glass, My only complaint is it only needs to be up to 14X, the 16X is a bit much for the ACSS HUD.

Great Scope, Great Reticle

by -

The scope is very clear from edge to edge, and paired with the reticle, this scope is more than worth the money. I would personally like to see this range of scope in the premium line as well with the ACSS HUD DMR to have the features of the Plx line paired with the outstanding reticle.

This scope is Tops

by -

Have bought 3 of these , for the $$ you will not do better
Has all features of the latest and greatest incorporated in a
beautiful scope for a steal ! Once these are gone they will be
gone! get one today !

Excellent scope

by -

Needed better optics for a mule deer hunt in Wyoming. Came back with a 4x4 wall mount due to the expedient shipping and incredible performance of this first class scope. The best scope available at this price level hands down.

Spot on


Superfast ranging of targets. Numerous ways to measure and range targets. Love the FFP. Holdovers are almost perfect using M118LR with my 18" barrel. Zero stop works perfect. Really happy I waited til it was in stock.

Excellent scope!

by -

I purchased this scope for a Bula Defense DMR M-14. It has not let me down! The scope has a precision feel- a feeling of quality. When adjusting for zero or ranging, the clicks are precise and audible. Had no problem zeroing, and once set, all you do is point and shoot! The illumination is also nice and has off positions between brightness settings. I did purchase the 3' sunshade, a nice option for bright light. The scope gives you everything you would expect of a scope in this price range, clear sharp glass, tactile precise turrets, and a great reticle. AND, from the time I ordered , it was on my rifle in 4 days- not 4 months! This is an excellent scope, it's not cheap- BUT you get what you paid for and more- QUALITY.

Amazing scope!


Bought this GLX 4-16 a couple months ago to use on my Rem 700 VTR 223. Very rugged scope. Zerod the scope, set the zero stop, very clear instructions, very easy to use! Tried out the bullet drop reticle with some 75 grain Hornady rounds and is almost spot on even though it's meant for .308! Also shot some cheap 55 grain ammo using the drop chart for the turrets, in the book that came with the scope, also almost dead on! Will definitely buy another Gold series from Primary Arms for my next rifle!

Great Scope

by -

Three times the valvue for this unit, My son and I have shot at 100, 300 and 1,000 yards so far with close to 200 rounds with a .308 AR we built and the scope has not moved. FYI

A Fun Toy


I am a huge skeptic when it comes to BDC reticles. This one runs flawlessly for me, out to 600 yards (20" AR-308 w/ 175gr Federal SGMK). Reticle diverges from my system beyond that. I have stretched out and made impacts to 1k, but it was a dial, rather than hold.
I would like to see 50 yard subtensions (and even 25 when the reticle allows).
Holding for wind can get tricky when your distance isn't right at one of the 100 yard marks (and their corresponding wind holds). Its a bit of a guessing game when it comes to a hold point for a 7mph wind at 440 yards.
The glass quality is OK. It is not edge-to-edge at full power, but nothing sub $1k is. I've never missed a shot (on any optic) because my glass wasn't good enough.
The turrets are the least tactile of the 5 I own in this price point.
Great company. Product is worth what it's priced at. A fun reticle, but you will be a vastly better shooter doing DOPE-dial-and-wind hold on a good Christmas tree.

Great Scope!

by -

I use this scope on my Wilson Combat Super Sniper with 20” barrel in .308. I love the reticle, the chevron is sharp and contrasts brightly with the smallest target. I’ve used the gun/scope to hit targets out to 750 yards (longest range at our shooting facility). I like it so much that I bought another one for my new build .308 with 18” barrel.