Hesco Armor 800 Series 3810 Ballistic Insert - Level III+ Multi Curve SAPI Cut - Small

Manufactured by Hesco
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MPN: 3810-SA-MC-S
Manufactured by Hesco
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The Hesco Armor 800 Series is a family of armor plates making extensive use of next-generation materials to achieve the lowest weight and maximum performance possible. This plate family is ideal for high-mobility tactical scenarios, providing a balance between protection and weight.

All products in the Hesco 800 Series line employ Spectra® UHMWPE composite materials in their construction. This high-tech material is 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than most competing ballistic aramid fibers.

  • 800 series armor
  • Level III+ Armor
  • Multi-curve Design

The 800 Series Model 3810-SA-MC-S Ballistic Insert provides the wearer with a protection level termed “Level III+,” capable of stopping the following projectiles:
  • All NIJ certified pistol-caliber threats (IIA, IIIA) up to .44 Magnum.
  • All NIJ certified shotgun threats, including 00 buckshot and 1 oz. slugs.
  • Standard NIJ certified Level III rifle caliber threats, including 7.62×39mm lead-core (M67, 3 hits) and 7.62×51mm NATO ball (M80, 3 hits).
  • Specific “Level III+” rifle threats not typically covered by Level III NIJ armor, including 7.62×39mm steel-core (M43, 3 hits), 5.56×45mm lead core (M193, 3 hits), 5.56×45mm lead core with steel penetrator (M885, 3 hits), and 7.62×54mm R steel-core (LPS, 1 hit).

This specific model features a multi-curved design, a SAPI cut, and fits Small plate carriers. The reduced dimensions of this plate allow it to protect the torso and vitals of individuals of smaller stature without causing discomfort or impeding arm movement. This plate is best suited for use as frontal armor in your plate carrier.
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Armor RatingLevel III Plus
Armor TypeComposite
Weight3.5 lbs

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