Rise Armament RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger

Manufactured by Rise Armament
Manufactured by Rise Armament
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Quickly rising in popularity with the 3-Gun Nation shooters, the Rise Armament Advanced Performance Trigger for AR-15/10 rifles helps you fire more quickly and more accurately! This easy to install drop-in kit provides a crazy-fast reset, nearly non-existent over-travel, and a smooth, crisp, and consistent 3.5lb. single stage trigger pull. Trigger reset is how much movement it takes for the trigger to move back into a ready to fire position, so it is extremely important for competition because it allows you to pull the trigger faster than a standard Mil-Spec trigger. Over-travel is how much the trigger continues to move rearward after the trigger breaks and a round is fired; like the reset, minimal movement is optimal for fast follow up shots when every millisecond counts. The trigger bow design (where your finger rests) is also extremely important for accurate shots, however, it can be subjective. The curved bow tends to be more controllable while the straight style is more comfortable and has better leverage when pulling the trigger. This trigger contains the best of both worlds as it has a curved bow while remaining straight at the top for optimal leverage.

  • Single-stage 3.5lb. trigger pull
  • Curved trigger bow with straight trigger functionality
  • Quick reset with minimal over-travel
  • Precision machined from high-grade, heat-treated tool steel and aluminum
  • Bright red hard coat anodized finish for corrosion resistance
  • Fits most .308 and .223/5.56 AR style platforms
  • Self-contained design makes it quick and easy to install with no tuning needed
  • Includes KNS anti-rotation trigger and hammer pins
  • Quality-assured with high-tech inspection equipment
  • Weight: 2.3 oz.

Another benefit of the Advanced Performance Trigger is the one-piece construction that gets rid of the hassle of trying to line up springs and pins during installation like other trigger systems. You simply just drop the trigger pack into the position and use the included KNS anti-rotation pins to securely fasten it to your gun. Standard trigger and hammer pins have the possibility of falling out during long strings of fire and these innovative pins completely negate that possibility. The last thing you want during competition or any high stress situation is a rifle without a functioning trigger.

Rise Armament is committed to quality and success, and you can see that in their weapons. All Rise parts are manufactured according to strict AS9100 and ISO9001 2008 certified procedures, and must pass stringent QA inspection before leaving their facility.
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BrandRise Armament
Drop InDrop-In
Trigger BowFlat
Trigger Pin DiameterMIL-SPEC .154

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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Awesome purchase, no disappointment!

by -

This trigger is awesome! Will it keep up with an Elf? Maybe not THAT good, but still a fantastic trigger. Almost no drift or take up, very audible reset, crisp, smooth, consistent and light trigger pull. Before I bought this, I did very little research (aside from a review of several different triggers by Pew Pew Tactical, which was highly informative), and found out that at one point, it did NOT fit the lower I was going to put it in. I think since that video that stated it wouldn't fit, either the lower or the trigger box was modified, and fit absolutely perfect. If you're wanting to try an up-and-coming companies trigger, I would definitely recommend the RA!

RA-535 Excellence!

by -

I have purchased two RA-535 triggers for my 9mm PCC builds. The fit and finish is excellent and the performance is spot on. I like the 3.5 pull, just enough and not too light. The flat face is perfect for consistent pull and precise reset.

100% a winner.


Absolutely amazing trigger. At this price point, it far exceeds its competition. I have been in love with Rise Armament since they made their debut a few years back. Since then, I have purchased a Rise trigger for every one of my builds. The majority of them still sport the RA-140, but I wanted something special for my 3-gun rifle. So, I opted for this trigger and, I can tell you from personal experience, this trigger will make a huge difference in your rifle. Totally changes the characteristics of the trigger pull, and makes it feel like a precision rifle. It's on par with nearly all of the premium triggers on the market that sell for hundreds more. Worth every penny. Don't pass this one up, people. It's a winner.

Noticably better than Hiperfire Eclipse

by -

This is a really good 1 stage trigger, probably the best out there. I have many triggers and for single stage, this the one to get. Compared to my many hiperfire's, including the hiperfire eclipse, I own them all and this one is the best. No creep, just click, no over travel, short reset. Only downside is the trigger pin retention things (anti-walk pins). I know a lot of people love those and think this is a bonus, but I think they are a solution for a non problem on most AR triggers...But bc these pins are threaded/slotted and there's not spring tension on them (like traditional ar trigger), you have to use the anti walk pins and bracket. I think they look horrible on the outside of an AR and are a pet peeve of mine on ARs.

Fast trigger

by -

Bought the trigger on BF. Went home and immediately tried it out. If you’re REALLY feeling for it and taking your time looking for it, there’s a tiny tiny hint of creep. If you’re just pulling straight through you can’t detect it. The break is crisp and reset is super short. I want to say it’s even shorter than the CMC 2.5 I was using. With my Lyman digital pull gauge, my copy averaged 3 pounds 7.1 ounces. That’s a smidge under the advertised 3.5 pounds. At the BF2019 price, it’s a heck of a deal.

Great trigger but pull weight is far beyond advertised weight.

by -

Nice and smooth trigger with a super short reset. The claimed pull weight however is not even close to accurate. Mine is pulling at 5.12 lbs average weight. That is close to a 30 percent difference over the claim pull of 3.5 pounds. I have several Geissele triggers and none have ever deviated more than 10 percent from the advertised pull weight. Being honest about pull weight is important. This trigger is crisp and the reset is very short. It fit my lower nearly perfectly and I used to included anti rotation pins to install it with. All that said you have close to a mil spec pull weight in reality despite what is advertised. Just beware of this if you are looking at this trigger.

Best I've owned yet...

by -

I've been steadily increasing my trigger quality, from milspec, to the Spikes Battle Trigger, to the JMT Saber, and now this. The JMT is REALLY good, and this is better still. It takes lots of effort to find the slight hint of creep before a glass-rod break. The trigger shoe feels really nice as well, with just a hint of curve and rounded around the sides. There may be better on the market, but this is the best I've owned yet, and can't see where too much is left on the table for near the black Friday sale price.

Sweet trigger but pull heavier than advertised on mine.

by -

Nice trigger with a good fit in my upper. Looks really sharp as well. Super smooth with a uber fast reset. I checked the pull weight with trigger gauge and mine is breaking at average of 5.17 lbs. This is obviously well over the advertised pull weight of 3.5 lbs. I love everything about this trigger but the fact it pulls heavier than advertised. No issues with light primer strikes and seems well made.

Best Look, Feel and Performance at a great price point!


I have 2 RISE ARM RA-535s, 2 ELF Tacticals, and several other AR Triggers, installed in standard ARs, and AR Pistols, and I absolutely LOVE the performance and the FEEL of the RISE RA-535. In MHO, the smooth, semi straight and "rounded" bare aluminum contour feels perfect on my finger, and it LOOKS GREAT as well. It is TRULY the best of all worlds! I Love Primary Arms as well, but I always shop around for the best prices on my RA-535s and they're definitely out there! Do your research...

A Very Well Made Drop-In For Your Consideration

by -

Looking for a precise, single-stage trigger? Consider the RA-535. For those of you toiling over the costs, the trigger INCLUDES anti-roll pins.
<br>Installation: Small nylon hammer, torque wrench, brass guide pin, punch, patience. Installation while straight forward did require massaging and persuasion. Use caution...
<br>Construction: The RA-535 is well made. Machining of the parts are exact. The housing, mechanism and trigger bow had zero discoloration or flaws. The trigger bow is a hybrid. This works because a flat bow can cause the finger to slide down the face to the guard. The RA-535 slight bow keeps the finger where it needs to be.
<br>Feel: The RA-535 averages 3.57 lbs. per pull. Zero creep no matter how slowly I pull the trigger. There is zero play in the mechanism so pull and reset are crisp.
<br>Summary: The RA-535 is an outstanding drop-in. The design is outstanding, the mechanism crisp and the feel is assuring. You will likely need a brass guide pin for installation.