Primary Arms Optics RS-10

The RS-10 embodies the core principles of SLx, bringing unmistakable value and innovation along with relentless field testing. Over the past year, the RS-10 has survived over 23,000 rounds, including mostly pistol-fired .45 ACP. Since we designed this optic in-house, we demanded that it be the most trustworthy mini reflex sight at its price point. After thousands of rounds from a SCAR-17—and 0 critical failures—we’re confident the RS-10 will exceed all expectations.

Primary Arms Optics is proud to introduce the SLx® RS-10 Mini Reflex Sight.

SLx optics built our reputation for innovation, reliability, and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment.

The RS-10 also represents the SLx commitment to innovation, bringing in features that you won’t find in other similarly priced reflex sights. Most notably, the RS-10 incorporates a side-loading battery system that takes 2032 batteries. This gives improved performance and runtime compared to competitors, which rely on smaller batteries for side-loading. In addition, the RS-10 incorporates true Daylight Bright® illumination, multi-coated lenses, and night vision compatibility.

As pistol-mounted reflex sights continue to grow in popularity, the SLx RS-10 offers a lot of functionality for its price, and as part of the SLx product line, it comes with a guarantee of quality alongside a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Ruggedly Reliable

This optic features a ruggedized 7075 aluminum body, which was extensively field-tested and proven reliable after 23,000 rounds fired.

Enhanced Engineering

The SLx RS-10 incorporates features you won’t find on similar optics, including a side-loading 2032 battery compartment and full night vision compatibility.

Unbeatable Value

Despite its impressive feature set, the SLx RS-10 is one of the most affordable mini reflex sights on the market and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.

1.1 OZ


Night Vision

Compatible Brightness