Primary Arms SLx 1-8x24 FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS Raptor Reticle - 5.56 / 5.45 / .308

Manufactured by Primary Arms
SKU: PA-SLX8-1-8X24F-RAPTOR-5.56
MPN: 610098
Manufactured by Primary Arms
46 Reviews

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This Primary Arms rifle scope is part of the SLx optics line. SLx optics built their reputation for innovation, reliability, and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment.

The Primary Arms SLx 1-8x24 first focal plane (FFP) rifle scope offers an expansive magnification range with an eight-time zoom ratio in a compact, lightweight, and affordable package. This tough low power variable optic (LPVO) features full red reticle illumination, a quick focus eyepiece, and low profile, finger adjustable turrets topped by the new turret caps. The first focal plane construction allows for a small red-dot style reticle at low magnification for quick close-quarters engagements, without sacrificing the features and accuracy of the popular Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS®) reticle system when you bring the magnification up. To get you from 1x to 8x and back, the SLx FFP rifle scope features the moveable and replaceable magnification ring fin. To top it all off they are backing this scope with lifetime warranty!

  • 8x magnification range
  • First focal plane ACSS® Raptor reticle designed for 5.56/5.45/.308 is true at every magnification
  • Excels at close quarters out to mid-range engagements
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Tactile and audible 1/4 MOA click adjustments
  • Low profile capped turrets
  • Water proof and fog proof
  • Moveable and replaceable magnification ring fin
  • Weighs just 17.9 Oz!
  • Lifetime Warranty

The ACSS® Raptor 5.56 first focal plane reticle has been calibrated to be true at every magnification. The reticle's features include automatic ranging out to 600 yards, moving target leads, and a large, fast horse shoe that easily draws your eye to the target. This caliber specific reticle is tuned for 5.56 NATO, 5.45x39mm, and .308 Win. Full red reticle illumination is provided by a single (included) CR2032 battery, and a spare battery is included inside the windage turret cap. A total of 11 settings take the reticle all the way up to daylight bright. At 1x you get a fast reticle optimized for engaging targets in close quarters. At 8x you have a precision reticle that will let you easily reach out to 600 yards!

Whether you're hunting through the brush or looking to crush the competition, the SLx first focal plane low power variable rifle scope with ACSS® Raptor reticle is an excellent choice. The wide 1-8x magnification range offers the perfect combination of close quarters engagement speed with mid-range precision, ensuring no target is out of your reach. Lightweight at just 17.9 ounces and backed by the 100% in-house inspection and lifetime warranty, it's the perfect option for your favorite carbine.
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Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin
BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value1/4 MOA
Exit Pupil DiameterLow: 9.00 mm / High: 3.00 mm
Eye ReliefLow: 3.20 in / High: 3.30 in
Field View 100Low: 105.00 ft / High: 14.30 ft
Focal PlaneFirst Focal Plane
Magnification1X - 8X
Mount Compatibility30mm
Night Vision CompatibleNight Vision Compatible
Objective Diameter24mm
Optic SeriesSLx
ReticleACSS RAPTOR 5.56/5.45/.308
Reticle ColorRed
Reticle TypeBDC
Tube Diameter30mm
Turret FeaturesCapped Turrets, Low Profile, Finger Adjustable
Weight17.9 Oz.
  • Dimitri Discusses the 1-8x FFP SLX with ACSS Raptor Reticle
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

Ratings & Reviews

46 reviews


The One!!


Best of show! Don’t want to break anybody’s heart, but I was able to acquire one these bad boys as a preview. Mounted, bore sighted and took to the range for an effortless zero.

I already owned the PA 1-6x24 SFP and love it. I have never owned a FFP scope and had been looking forward to acquiring one. A great opportunity came and I took it.
I’m still learning its nuances and getting use to the moving recital. However I had small grouping once I got the sweet spot dialed in.

The illuminated recital is very bright at 11. Love the chevron as opposed to the dot and the horseshoe makes in close engagements almost effortless.

As to customer service I doubt if any company anywhere can match there’s. Who gets assistance from the damn CEO of a company when you email them a question? Let me tell you I’m a customer for life!

This is the scope you have been waiting for !


I am told this scope is now made in Japan. Beautiful, clear optics. Illumination of the reticle - even in full-daylight bright - is perfect. Etched reticle is sharp and clear. Magnification and illumination adjustments are firm and smooth. This scope has exceeded my expectations, and you can't beat the price. Primary Arms has hit this one out of the ballpark !

Worth every penny

by -

This LVPO is awesome. The picture/glass quality far exceeds my expectations for an optic that is so reasonably priced. PA said they put a lot of work into these and it shows, everything about the optic is quality and behaves like a far higher priced item. The ACSS reticle is easy to use. Within 6 shots I had her zeroed in at 100 yards. Stretched her out to 200 no problem, looking forward to going further.

Tremendous Value.


This was worth the wait. Mounted easily, very little work and time to sight it in. The quality is evident, optics sharp, reticle is crisp and the light settings are great in day light. Very happy with the purchase, I would not hesitate to recommend this.

Dynamic Scope


I’ve had my PA 1-8 x 24 LPVO for several months now. I bought it for a customized Savage recon. It was wearing their 1-6x24 SFP but it is tuned for longer range shooting. This baby did the job.

Mounted it using an Aero Precision scope mount. It’s a robust scope with good illumination even in daylight. The FFP is the darling here and this reticule makes long range shooting too easy. Elevated scope lever works okay, but I added a throw lever to make changing it really easy. The glass is pretty clear also. Rivals my Nikon in clarity.

This is a whole lot of scope for the money. And I can attest they have outstanding customer service. If you want a reasonably priced LVPO, yet with high end features this the one this indeed the one!

I forgot to mention...


I forgot to mention: this scope comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and batteries (2) are included ! You can also zero your scope by manually rotating the dials - no special tools required. If you are looking for a combat-ready, Designated Marksman-style scope, this is the one !

Excellent glass clarity, excellent reticle, well built, but not true 1x

by -

I wanted to love this scope. The glass clarity is fantastic, as is the reticle. The zoom ring function is smooth. It feels very well built.

But at 1x, the view is slightly magnified, and the end result is that you probably won't get a true stereoscopic view through the optic with both eyes open at 1x. There's also more edge distortion than with the 1-6. Those things conspired to make looking through it at 1x an unpleasant experience for me.

That, unfortunately, was a deal-breaker. Their 1-6x doesn't have this problem.

If you want to get a little more reach than the 1-6, and don't mind that 1x is really more like 1.1x, then this is a truly excellent choice -- the glass clarity alone will impress you greatly. But if you need a true 1x experience at 1x, then the 1-6 will serve your needs better.

The 3 stars is more of a reflection of the degree to which this optic fails to be a true 1x scope than anything else. Everything else about it deserves 5 stars.

The Most Amazing scope that may never ship!


I was very lucky to get one of the 7 that made it to BDU.

1. FFP.

2. The glass is even more clear than I expected. Upwards of clairaty that I have on many $800+ optics

3. Reticle is CRISP, No bleeding of the light, no red tube walls, no reflections.

4. Durable, This thing feels durable and high quality. Every part of this optic is well thought out

5. Well Made. Ok, so I'm kinda a stickler for little details. Markings line up, dots to markings, hell even the "PA" on the scope caps either face inline to the tube or the ground when tightened properly.

6. BONUS: Night Vision mode that works well. I have a gen3 PVS-14 and it works well when looking through the optic. Remember that when you are shooting over distance, you may need an illumination if you are way out of the city, with cloud cover and a new moon

I titled this as I ordered my optic in in July, and it is now September 6th and the optic from PA still has not shipped. Hopefully it will ship someday soon.

Outstanding Scope


Scope is super accurate. Glass is clear and that recital oh God is it great. Added a scope lever and now it good to go. Mounted this on a custom AR.

I also one the 1-6x24 SFP. Love it also.

Darn good scope


The glass is more than adequate for my eyes. The illumination is exceptional. Had it for around 3 months. Shot it a bit. Knocked it around. It’s holding zero in a Larue LT104. I really wish I could think of something negative to say. Maybe just make sure you remember to turn off the illumination. At any rate, it’s a great scope. Good luck finding it in stock now though!