Strike Industries Mass Driver Compensator for Compact Glock Gen3® G19 Compatible

Manufactured by Strike Industries
Manufactured by Strike Industries
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A compensator is designed to take the high-energy propellant gasses from firing a round and redirect them in a way that reduces muzzle rise, felt recoil, or both. What if your comp could do more? Enter the Strike Industries Mass Driver Compensator! Unlike traditional handguns compensators, the Mass Driver's unique advanced design pushes forward as the slide kicks back. Now it not only redirects the propellant gasses to keep your muzzle flat, the reciprocating mass of the compensator pushing away from the slide helps to counteract felt recoil! The Mass Driver was designed to match the dimensions of your slide, allowing it to be used with popular open-bottom holsters, and can be installed without needing a threaded barrel or any permanent modification to your firearm.

  • Fits Glock Gen 3 G19 compact handguns
  • Counter recoil design
  • Snag-free blended design
  • Precision CNC machined steel construction
  • Tough Manganese Phosphate finish
  • 50 state legal
  • Does not require threaded barrel
  • Does not require permanent modification
Note:Not compatible with Gen4/5 handguns.

Strike Industries products are designed by shooting experts for the shooting sportsman. They have anything from AR-15 parts and accessories to Glock components so you can completely customize your set up no matter what you run. Their complete line of innovative products come in a huge variety of colors and finishes so you can not only customize function, but personalize your look. You can’t go wrong with Strike Industries.
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BrandStrike Industries
FinishManganese Phosphate
Suppressor MountNon-Mount
Thread PatternUnthreaded
  • Introducing the Strike Industries Mass Driver Comp
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

Installation horror

by -

This is in regards specifically to the design and installation of the Mass Driver, not its functionality as it is designed for:
<br>You may lose some skin and and a lot of patience trying to install this thing. The guide rod, recoil spring and plate adapter should have already been captured. I've had this for 3 hours and Im done with it. On top of that, based on its design, you aren't going to be able to change barrels without uninstalling it and going through hell all over again as there is no info on any alternative way of installing it. Plus the info on the box is extremely vague. Expect to damage your recoil spring in the process.

Works well, installation is not fun.

by -

I out this on a p80 g19 sized frame and it took a good 25 minutes of patients to get it installed. Its probably going to prevent me from cleaning my gun for a while because I dread having to do it again. BUT, after taking it shooting and firing it next to a non comped gun... it is worth it. Follow up shots become incredibly fast and sights return to target quickly because the sights do not move very much. Pretty neat to see the gas venting as well. I am not too sure the counter action of the break moving forward does very much, but I'm not sure it doesn't either. It is a cheaper option than buying a threaded barrel and comp but works just as well. There is a trade off here, price vs. ease of use but i do think its worth it. In conclusion, its a neat thing that looks cool and works well and it moderately difficult (but doable) to install. After everything I am happy with the purchase.

Great product

by -

Looks great. Function even better, my Glock has almost no recoil after the I had my gunsmith installed mine. it took him 3 mins and I watched him do it, it was very easy to install. I still think they should give a instruction how to installed it. I just bought second one for my other Glock. Love it. Great way to have a compensator without treaded barrel.

It just works

by -

I had concerns on whether this idea will work. The concept reminds me of the AK-107's recoil system, but we have two different masses reciprocating. Are they even going to cancel out? So far, I'm happy to say it works well with my TacFire PA Slide. It shot a little flatter, and I did felt a little less recoil. It's not AK-107 flat, but with more training I can get close. Looks good and priced right, well worth it!<br><br>Installation was in fact a pain (even after watching the install video). If you are experiencing this, I had more luck putting it on a vice and installing it like any non-captured guide rod. Angled needle-nose pliers can help to hold down the spring if you don't have a vice.<br><br>Special note for TacFire PA Slide owners: due to its "blocky" design, the compensator will rub the finish off the slide corners.

Great comps for Gen3's

by -

Installation on a G17 is easier than the G19 version because there is more tension to overcome, but like anything else it is probably a piece of cake after doing it once or twice. I installed a G17 first, so I knew what to do but I was surprised it was harder to get the RSA in place on the G19. Not a nightmare at all though. Just do it. No instructions other than the kind of diagram on the box was an oversight IMHO. SI should at least include a simple sheet. All those innovations an no technical write, or someone to do an instruction sheet???? I love these things. G17 has no flip now. Less than my heavy all steel 9mm's. I compared them at the range right after installing. AGAIN, quite a thoughtful package - great box, great fit and finish on parts, even included a tube of Loctite (I saved them and used my big tube)... BUT NO INSTRUCTION sheet. Some people will take it as a challenge and do fine. Others will hurt themselves. Don't be afraid to try these, they work!


by -

Honestly I had pretty low expectations for this, but it is a total performer. No doubt that it does what it says it should. Put about 150 rounds of 9mm 115gr through it and no malfunctions. shoots quite flat. The only cons I can say are this:
<br>1. If you are one of those people that just has to take the barrel and recoil spring/guide rod out all the time, you'll find the install/removal process to be annoying. I'm not in that group, so idc.
<br>2. Holsters could be an issue. neither of mine will fit, and need to order new ones. luckily the guy at the range that turned me onto this comp has one from gundo holsters that works fine. ymmv.

Buy It!

by -

I will start by saying I am a fan of almost all Strike Industries products. I have seen some faults, especially regarding their Glock flat trigger. So I was skeptical about their upcoming line of Glock products, but built a full Strike Industries Glock anyway. This comp delivers! Yes, it is a pain on the initial install but gets easier. I didn't try to install all 3 parts ( guide rod, spring, spacer) at once like on Strike's install video, but placed the spacer flush against the slide then inserted the guide rod and spring. An assembly block might would make this step easier. You can also pull on the comp once assembled far enough that tension is released from the guide rod on the barrel and slide your barrel out to do normal cleaning. ( I have tested this, but it is hard to do by yourself, and I will probably asked Strike Industries their opinion on this procedure) Good on Strike Industries for continuing to innovate!

Easy install mass driver comp g3


Just got mine a month ago.. it's not a success on my first time installing it. It's a pain!! But I found an easy way not even 2 mins to install it.. the only tool you'll need aside from the alen wrench is a mini vice grip, just put a tape on both ends of the vice grip to protect the guide rod and use that to hold on the the spring while your pulling them down.. try it !!

Wish every installation was this easy.


Simple,durable, reliable. Installation easy, reduces recoil about 20%. Much faster times all over. Fits all my holsters. Looking for more models.

Nice quality but Installation Nightmare

by -

Theres no doubt the product is solid and will function well (havent tried it as I just finished 30 minutes of trying to get it installed). Their install vide on the SI site shows a guy easily compressing everything and sliding it through the guide rod hole etc.. Either he is super human or they've got something else helping him. To compress the spring, add the adapter plate, then figure out how to get the guide rod through the guide rod hole while still having it compressed and lining it all up before it goes in is such a pita. Its worse than any AR detent install.. infact I launched this adapter plate more times than I have ever launched an AR detent. Id never buy another one of these because of the install frustration alone. I cant even imagine it ever being worth removing this barrel to oil or clean above it.
<br>The stupid part... this could all be fixed if they just had a small hole drilled in the guide rod for a bent paperclip to hold the compressed spring for you.