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Greene, Tweed & Co. may not be a name that is widely known, but it is a name that has been supplying advanced sealing solutions for a variety of military vehicles and weapons since WWII. It is from this name that Lancer Systems was born with the sole purpose of designing, engineering, and manufacturing advanced weapons components, composites, and fiber optics for various areas of the defense industry.

They have established themselves as a trusted provider of cutting edge optical connectivity solutions to aerospace, energy, and military industries that satisfy mission critical requirements.

Their extent of technological innovation expands beyond fiber optic communication into lightweight composite material designed for fighter jets. But what does this have to do with the products they sell to the average consumer?

They pride themselves on giving freedom to their engineers to participate in projects for various areas of the smalls arms market. It allows them to apply design principles and high-tech components based on military applications, scaled down to be used by service men/women and civilians.

This cross between the defense industry and civilian market is what allowed them to combine carbon fiber and Ceracomp material from the F-35 JSF fighter jet with the AR-15 rifle to provide people with one of the most durable and lightweight handguards on the market.

Their knowledge of composite materials and their potential uses expanded beyond handguards and led to the development of the A2 carbon fiber stock and the polymer advanced warfighter magazines.

Lancer Systems is able to use what they have learned from developing advanced components for high tech industries to bring innovative products to the consumer markets. Their philosophy of a dynamic engineering culture that promotes flexible project management allows them to pursue the mission of “bringing the firearms industry out of the ‘60s and into the 21st century.”

The main benefit that polymer has over aluminum is that it is more durable. It is pliable and will snap back into shape, whereas aluminum will bend and retain that bend, stopping function altogether.

However, some polymer magazine designs fail to account for the magazine follower spring applying constant pressure on the feed lips. After a mag has been fully loaded for a long time, this pressure can weaken the polymer feed lips resulting in reliability issues or even breaking them completely.

The Advanced Warfighter Magazines fix this problem with steel feed lips to ensure proper function.

Because the L5AWM 5.56 magazine utilizes the hybrid design of steel feed lips and polymer body, they were able to make use of a special unfilled polymer to give it a translucent quality. This allows the user to be able to identify how many rounds are left in their magazine without needing to remove it from their rifle.

Another benefit of the advanced polymers used in this magazine is the corrosion and chemical resistant qualities. When put to military chemical testing, the L5 easily passed.

The constant curve geometry, along with the non-tilt follower, make this 30-round polymer magazine one of the most reliable on the market. It also comes in many different capacities from 5, 10, 20, and 30 rounds as well as in different calibers such as .308.

The L7AWM is a scaled-up version of the L5, designed for the larger .308 Winchester cartridge. It features the same hybrid polymer/steel design for ultimate reliability in any weather condition.

The L7 polymer magazine also has a switchable drain port on the bottom for wet or sandy environments and allows for easy cleaning in the field.

These polymer magazines come in many 5, 10, 20, and 25 round capacities and can be used with the Magazine Cinch. The magazine coupler works on both models and allows for quick reloads between magazines for a high volume of fire.

Being able to couple magazines together is not the only innovative accessory that they offer.

Another way that Lancer Systems products have improved reload times is with the Adaptive Magwell for Mil-Spec AR-15s. It has an increased diameter and flared magazine well that helps to guide the magazine into the rifle for extremely fast reloads that require less dexterity.

These accessories have become increasingly popular with competition shooters because of their light weight and practical functionality that improve the shooting experience.

One way that Lancer Systems ha decreased weight to improve the functionality of a rifle is with the carbon fiber buttstock. This rifle length buttstock is made from the same processes and materials as the carbon fiber handguards to decrease the overall weight of an AR-15 even more without sacrificing durability.

It features an A2 rifle length to reduce the amount of moving parts that have the potential to break and it has an optimal profile for a consistent cheek weld. The injection molded polymer butt plate provides a solid contact point with zero wobble to help improve accuracy.

In addition to enhancing single shot accuracy, the Nitrous Compensator reduces the amount of muzzle rise to keep the rifle on target for fast follow up shots. The Nitrous Compensator for the AR-15 is a tunable muzzle device that allows the user to adjust the direction of vented gas to compensate for muzzle climb.

This compensator also minimizes recoil with three angled blast baffles on the side that redirect excess gas rearward, pulling the rifle forward and minimizing felt recoil. The ability to increase speed on reloads, the speed of follow up shots, and improve accuracy are the biggest reasons why their accessories are chosen by 3-gun competitive shooters everywhere.

Lancer Systems has their own line of modern sporting rifles designed around their carbon fiber handguards. With the L15 chambered in 5.56, the L30 in .308, and many different configurations, each rifle offers exceptional performance for tactical or competition environments.

These rifles are also built using billet upper and lower receiver sets with integral flared magwell for a completely custom feel, proving that they are living up to their mission statement.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a message at info@primaryarms.com or call us at 713-344-9600.

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