Strike Industries Mod 1 Carbine Stock Mil-Spec - Black

Manufactured by Strike Industries
Manufactured by Strike Industries
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The Strike Industries Mod 1 is a drop-in replacement buttstock for AR-15/M16 carbines using Mil-Spec receiver extensions. Integrating features sought by military professionals and firearms enthusiasts around the world, Strike Industries has developed a light, compact buttstock, at an attractive price point.

  • QD sling mounting points
  • Enhanced cheek weld
  • Quick to installation
  • Designed for use with or without rubber buttpad (sold separately)
  • Length of pull: 11.25″ to 14.25″
  • Length: 7.47”
  • Width: 1.74” @ QD cups
  • Height: 4.45”
  • Weight: 6.6 oz

Strike Industries products are designed by shooting experts for the shooting sportsman.
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BrandStrike Industries
Manufacturer.Strike Industries
Sling MountMultiple - See Description
StorageNot Storage Capable

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Fast into the shoulder pocket and very stable, love it



This really isn't a 4 star review, IF and only if you get the rubber buttpad that goes on the back of this stock. Trust me you will hate this stock without it. It is a little bit shorter and it likes to slide up on your shoulder without the rubber. Strike Industries, just build it with the rubber built in already. With the rubber I give it a 5 all day.



I bought this for my wifes ar rebuild. As far as th stock, it is comfortable to shoot and the rifle shoulders easily. My complaint is the fit, I have never seen such a loose fit, rattles on all of the buffer tubes I have fitted it on. Hoping it was just a fluke, I bought another hoping it was just a fluke. Nope. Wife likes it so it is staying, but I would not want to have it on any of my rifles.

Way to tight.

by -

Won't go over my RRA buffer tube. Way to tight. Going to see if I can find a different tube and use it on a different build. Looks amazing for the price.

Sturdy, very light weight and a good value for the cost

by -

My stock has attended a two day carbine class and then been on a hunting rifle for over a year with no issues.
<br>I agree with one of the other reviewers on the "recoil pad" addition, get it. If you don't, you probably will later. My stock does not rattle at all, so I am not sure why someone else had an issue. Maybe they put a commercial sized stock on a mil spec buffer tube? I think it would fit, but I am pretty sure it would also rattle.
<br>For attending a training class, home defense, truck gun, or toting around a hunting property, I value this stock's light weight over having hidden storage places that just add bulk, weight and rattles.
<br>AR rifle stocks are pretty easy to trade around among rifles, and having a super lightweight yet affordable one like this one for a backup stock, or use by small frame shooters is nice. If you want a very light weight, no frills, sturdy rifle stock, this is one to consider.

Better than the low end adjustable stocks

by -

I have three of these Viper stocks and am ordering a fourth one. Two I ordered from Strike Industries with colored QD inserts for a Red build and Blue build. I purchased colored buffer tubes from Strike Industries and there is some rattle. The third I put on a CMMG 9mm carbine as the low end adjustable stocks rattle worse and do not should as well for me. Get the rubber pad. My fourth stock will go onto a AR build in 7.62 x 39 replacing the low end adjustable stock again. I'll have to do something with the one fixed stock and four or five adjustable stocks I have sitting around.

Cool Little Stock

by -

bought this for a build more for the aesthetics, than anything. 10.5 with a 7 inch strike rail, it looks awesome, brings a certain balanced look with a shorter rail.. the stock has a nice fast fit into the shoulder area when shooting (after you buy the pad....BS), the farther out you extend it does wobble some, doesnt bother me much. It does cut down on weight. When on sale this a descent buy.


by -

Junk, even on a Strike Industries buffer tube it is extremely loose.

Cheap! But noisy.

by -

It is a stock, it does stock stuff, and the price isn't terrible. The major downfall of this particular stock is how obnoxiously loose the stock fits on a mil spec buffer tube. The thing rattles worse than a 6.2L diesel engine.
<br>Now, this might leave you thinking, "Huh, maybe this is made for a 'commercial' sized buffer tube." With its slightly larger than mil spec size. You would be incorrect. It is close, very close, but too small. You can start it over the end of a commercial tube, but about 1/4th an inch into pushing it on it sticks too much to press any further.
<br>TLDR: It is cheap, looks pretty tacticool(I actually super dig its appearance), but dang it is loose. Like Moxxi by the end of Borderlands 3 loose.

Get the pad!!

by -

I like it. It fucntions as a stock should. It’s compact and quick. My issue is that it doesn’t come with a rubber butt pad. It’s sold separately and I find it very necessary. If it came with the pad, I’d give it 5 stars. If you buy one, go ahead and order the pad too.

looks awesome, super light, and very sturdy for me, but...

by -

but... its small. i haven't got that rubber buttplate yet because it is out of stock so id imagine that it will help the functionality of it but without it it just slides up your shoulder so it takes some unnecessary adjusting to get it in a comfortable spot before you shoot. looks dope, super light, super sturdy, just make sure you get the rubber buttpad or just buy something like a magpul Moe. 3 stars for now. i bet itll get more once i can get the butt pad.

Great Fit for M&P 15-22

by -

Bought this stock for my daughter's M&P 15-22. Install was super simple, fits great and not too loose at all, which I was expecting based on other reviews of this stock & the receiver/buffer tube design on the 15-22. Since it's going on the 22LR I didn't buy the butt pad; may still get it just for the extra surface area and traction it will give. Overall, love the stock, my daughter loves the smaller more aggressive profile, and I may get another one of these to swap out with the Hogue I have on my AR. Only reason I don't give 5 stars is because I agree with other posts that SI should just build this with the buttpad, not sell it separately.
<br>As always....Primary Arms service is THE BEST. Even during this pandemic, I ordered it around 2pm Friday and it was in my mailbox by 3:30 the next afternoon with standard USPS.