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Magpul Frequent Asked Questions

Magpul Industries, or just Magpul, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tactical equipment and accessories. Known for their constant innovation and pragmatic products, Magpul products are fielded by almost every major tactical team in the western world. This reputation for excellence has also led to their massive following, which consists of professionals, hunters, competitors, and firearms enthusiasts alike.

Today, their most popular product is probably the PMAG—a polymer 30-round AR15 magazine that proved that plastic mags could outperform the older USGI aluminum mags. Of course, Magpul Industries wasn’t always the polymer magazine giant that it is today. They began in 1999 with a product designed to assist in quickly pulling magazines out of mag pouches, dubbed, the Magpul 5.56.

They quickly rose to the top of the industry with products like the PMAG 30 round polymer magazine, various rifle stocks, the Pro 700 rifle chassis, MOE pistol grip, and innovations like the M-LOK accessory attachment system that has changed AR-15 handguards for years to come.

They approach product design with a need/solution point of view, which is ultimately what propelled them to become one of the most well-known tactical brands in the world.

Here at Primary Arms, we carry a large variety of their most popular accessories, stocks, magazines, pistol grips, and more!

A common problem for the average infantryman was and still is the 30-round aluminum STANAG magazine. It is heavy, easy to break, and unreliable if sand gets in the mechanism.

Easily their greatest achievement was the introduction of the PMAG 30: a synthetic polymer magazine that could withstand heavy impacts without bending like aluminum.

This magazine has seen many generational improvements such as textured gripping surfaces, self-lubricating anti-tilt follower with stainless steel springs, flared floor plate, and even a window to see your remaining round count.

After 10 years the newest iteration Gen M3 PMAG was officially adopted by both the USMC and Airforce because of its compatibility with the IAR as well as improved performance with the M855A1 ammunition. Many different sizes have also been offered such as the PMAG 20, PMAG 40 and even a 60-round drum mag called the D-60.

Magpul approaches product development by locating problems that soldiers and customers alike are facing and designs a product to fit that specific need. There is no ‘best’ stock for every purpose, but there may be a best stock for your rifle’s purpose.

Magpul approaches product development by locating problems that soldiers and customers alike are facing and designs a product to fit that specific need. There is no ‘best’ stock for every purpose, but there may be a best stock for your rifle’s purpose.

The simplest of their stock offerings, the CTR is designed to fit on Mil-Spec carbine length buffer tubes and is the most similar to the standard M4 stock. However, it offers more advanced features like a robust locking system, rubberized buttplate, and QD sling swivel attachment points. This is one of their lighter systems designed for compact rifles with operators looking for a snag-free, simple design.

In 2007, Magpul released the UBR (Utility/Battle Rifle) stock that was designed to offer the same strength and stability of a fixed rifle stock while allowing the user to maintain a consistent cheek weld. It does this in a carbine style form factor without needing to be as large and bulky as the PRS stock because of its use of a proprietary buffer tube. This collapsible stock gives operators 8 positions of adjustment and features waterproof storage for extra batteries, further solidifying their brand as a company that innovates for the benefits of the consumer. Other versions of the UBR storage capable stock are the ACS (Adaptable Carbine/Storage) and ACS-L (Adaptable Carbine/Storage – Light) carbine stocks. They offer the same storage capacity but are compatible with commercial and Mil-Spec buffer tubes to make upgrading your current buttstock easier.

Not long after the release of the UBR stock, they released their full line of MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) that included everything from handguards to pistol grips and even another stock. This is probably their most popular line of products, as they offer a variety of options at an affordable price.

If you thought they had run out of uses for their innovative reinforced polymer, you are mistaken. With optics becoming more reliable and more important, fixed iron sights have become more of a nuisance.

The MBUS polymer sights are spring activated back up sights that stay folded and low-profile when not in use and can be quickly deployed if the optic should fail. This is yet another example of noticing a need for sights that are truly back-up and utilizing their polymer technology to create a lightweight alternative to iron sights.

Now the MBUS Pro have taken over in popularity as they are even more lightweight, slim, and constructed out of durable aluminum.

To make things even better, the MBUS Pro offset sights offer even more functionality as they are canted at a 45° angle to be used in conjunction with large scopes. These canted iron sights are very popular with 3-gun competition shooters because it allows them to quickly switch between their optic and canted iron sights depending on the range of the target.

With most suppressor covers being made from Cordura, they can eventually fall apart or slide off while shooting. This suppressor cover fixes this problem by directly attaching to the suppressor and using heat resistant polymer, along with stainless steel, allowing you to handle a scorching hot can.

Not only does it keep your hand cool, but it allows for air circulation around the silencer without trapping heat to help it cool down faster.

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