VG6 Precision Cage Device - For Use with VG6 Muzzle Devices

Manufactured by Aero Precision
MPN: APVG100201
Manufactured by Aero Precision
5 Reviews
No Longer Available
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The VG6 Precision Concussion Altering Gas Expansion device drastically reduces side blast and concussion commonly associated with muzzle brakes without reducing muzzle stability. The CAGE installs in moments onto dual chambered muzzle devices such as the GAMA556, GAMA300BLK, and EPSILON556!

  • Compatible with Dual Chambered Muzzle Devices, GAMMA 556, EPSILON 556, GAMMA 556 EX and GAMMA 300BLK
  • Stainless steel construction
  • BLACKNITRIDE matte black finish
  • 68RC Surface hardness
  • Muzzle brake NOT included
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BrandVG6 Precision
FinishSalt Bath Nitride
Manufacturer.VG6 Precision
MaterialSteel - 400 Stainless
Suppressor MountNon-Mount
Thread PatternSpecial - See Description
TypeBlast Shield
Weight1.4 Oz
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

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It Works!


Been using the C.A.G.E device with a VG-6 Epsilon for about 6 months and decided a brief review was merited. Bottom line is that it works as claimed. There is a noticeable reduction in both side blast and overall concussion as compared to the Epsilon alone. However the recoil reduction and muzzle rise mitigation has not been affected. The compensating aspects of the Epsilon are unchanged when the C.A.G.E device is used. Can't say if it offers ant additional flash suppression as I have not tried it at night. Worthwhile addition for both the shooter and anyone next to the shooter on the firing line.

Awesome Product!


Excellent product and it does what they say. No more annoying concussion on the range. I use this with my Gamma brakes, which are also outstanding! If you use a Gamma or Epsilon brake you need one of these.

Well made,easily installed and it works!

by -

Well it slips on easily and attaches with 2) allen set screws and a small key type component that interlocks with the grooves of the epsilon brake and takes the pressure from the screws.
<br>This key is very small and easily lost when removing/installing the CAGE so be careful.
<br>The CAGE device isnt the sexiest device around but its very well made and works.
<br>It definetely does tone down the epsilons bark enough to make it tollerable to your range neighbors.
<br>Muzzle rise compensation seems to remain unaffected but recoil mitigation is reduced some. I would say recoil is increased by 25% with the CAGE in place which is still an overall recoil reduction of some 25% or more over a brakeless barrel.
<br>Flash suppression seems unaffected as well.
<br>Overall its a great product and one i highly recommend. Your range neighbors will thank you.

a must for any VG6 device, especially if you train with others.

by -

I have been using CAGE devices on three of my rifles that use the VG6 Gamma and Epsilon brakes for the past few years. i train with a group of friends who also chose the VG6 brakes for their weapons, and we all use the CAGE device. It virtually eliminates that annoying concussion and for me the CAGE devices just tend to stay on my rifles.

An Incredible Upgrade

by -

The Epsilon for AK is a good compensator but the side blast and fireball make it downright unusable in most situations. The Cage fixes this problem. While it does increase felt recoil over the raw Epsilon, there is still virtually no muzzle movement and minimal recoil for 7.62x39 all with the added benefit of a tame blast and no fireball.
<br>Absolutely a necessity for the VG6 muzzle devices.