Primary Arms Platinum Series 1-8X24mm FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS 5.56 / 5.45 / .308 Reticle

Manufactured by Primary Arms
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PA1-8X24FFP-ACSS is protected by the Primary Arms Lifetime Warranty. If a defect due to materials or workmanship, or even normal wear and tear, has caused your product to malfunction, Primary Arms will either repair or replace your product.

Introducing Primary Arms Platinum Series! Primary Arms Platinum Series rifle scopes are constructed with uncompromising craftsmanship, toughness, and optical clarity. They are purpose built for tactical shooting environments, hunting, or competition, optimized for fast CQB and accurate medium range shooting. The Primary Arms 1-8x24FFP-ACSS features our Advanced Combined Sighting System reticle calibrated for 5.56, 5.45, and .308 calibers, featuring bullet drop and wind drift compensation, automatic ranging, and leads for moving targets in one easy to use system. Designed and manufactured in Japan for durability and reliability, it is constructed with rugged, high strength aluminum alloy capable of handling heavy recoil and abuse. It is fast at 1X and extremely accurate at 8X remaining true at all magnifications. 

Butler Creek flip-cap sizes: OBJ-3 Eye-19


Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin
BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value0.1 Mil
Exit Pupil DiameterLow: 11.70 mm / High: 3.00 mm
Eye ReliefLow: 3.98 in / High: 3.83 in
Field View 100Low: 105.80 ft / High: 13.25 ft
Focal PlaneFirst Focal Plane
Maximum Magnification8
Minimum Magnification1
Night Vision CompatibleNight Vision Compatible
Objective Diameter24mm
ReticleACSS Standard 5.56 / 5.45 / .308
Tube Diameter34mm
Turret FeaturesExposed Turrets, Tactical / Target Profile, Finger Adjustable, Zero Reset
TypeVariable Magnification
Weight26.9 Oz
  • Texas NFA Gun Trust: Primary Arms Platinum 1-8x24mm The 200 yard Sessions

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Amazing quality! PA is my go-to optic choice now.


The light xfer and FOV is incredible due to the huge 34mm tube. It’s daylight bright. The edges are crisp at low power; even at 8x there’s minimal fisheye. The eyebox is large and forgiving. It’s as close to true-1 as possible, making for fast target acquisition w or w/o illum. Thanks to FFP, the reticle changes from horseshoe-of-death at 1x to a full-on precision/ranging reticle at higher powers. Sometimes the situation doesn’t call for full power, so consistent holdovers are an important. The ACSS reticle is amazing; thanks, Dimitri! The warranty covers normal wear and tear! It’s like PA’s CEO shared a bottle of bourbon with me, shook my hand, and promised me that he would personally deliver a new one if I ever broke the darn thing. It’s a tank at 26oz. but the added weight is there for a reason (think Boris the Blade). If you’re worried about it, you can always shave off a few ounces elsewhere &/or workout more. I only wish that the ACSS Raptor M2 reticle was available at the time.

Compares favorably with the VCOG


I reviewed this about one year ago and this is a follow up. It has held up well on the range and st the ranch. I also have a Trijicon VCOG and this scope is better in just about every way. (Really!) it really excelled at 1X which is the key thing for these scopes. Neither have first level glass but they are still pretty good. Both have bad battery life.

Dollar for Dollar, Best Scope for your DMR type Rifle!


I purchased the more expensive Platinum model for some key differences - the 34mm tube (vs. 30mm); the FFP Reticle (vs. Second); and it's Night Vision Compatible.<br><br>The first thing I noticed is how bright this scope is - like using a Red Dot! The edges are sharp, and with zero imperfections. As carbine optics go, this is as nearly perfect as I think you can get - and well worth the price.<br><br>I typically use this at 1x with the reticle lit for an "eyes-up" red-dot; and yet I can quickly crank the magnification up for precision shots out past 50yds. At the range, I can see the holes without using the spotting scope. I have also easily and quickly ranged and placed shots past 500yds with just this reticle at 8x.<br><br>Once you learn the ACSS, getting targets ranged is fast, and getting shots on target is just lightning. My only regret on this whole package is that I want more wind in the reticle - at least out to 10mph in 2.5mph increments because .223 is really finicky out there in the wind.

Great glass and love the ACSS reticle!


Can not say enough about this scope! Love it! Beautiful glass and love the ACSS reticle! Will be purchasing more in the future! Hopefully on sale!

Platinum 1-8 is worth the gold...


Living in Canada, its a bit tricky to get PA product but I found a supplier and ordered the Platinum 1-8 with mil dot. Mounted it up on my DD V11pro and hit the range. Scoped it in and was able to one hole several times at 100 yards. Clarity is impressive and I love the durable feel and quality it exudes. Color me impressed. Now its not cheap.... especially in Canadian Peso’s but I HIGHLY recommend this scope!


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I just received my order haven't had it at the range yet BUT its built like a tank. The glass is exceptionally clear. The field of view and the eye relief at 1X is huge I put the illumination at full and had some bleed but then I adjusted the reticle to my eyes ( I wear glasses) and it was great and with the illumination off at 8x the reticle was very sharp. I expect this to have no problems at the range and ill see how the ACSS works and get back to this review

Amazing optic for the price point!

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Purchased this for a Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Pro, mounted it up with an Areo Precision 34mm mount and headed to the range, first shots at 50 yards were dead center left and right, and just 4” low dialed it up a bit and moved to the 100 yard target where I zeroed it at 1” high, I then proceeded to take it all the way to 800 yards on steel using only the reticle and wind holdover points! This was firing American Eagle 62gr green tip bulk ammo. I was also surprised that 8x is plenty of magnification to take you to 800 yards and beyond.

Good Scope


Pretty good glass, about like my 2x8 Zeiss Conquest or my 2x8 VX III. You can just make out 223 bullet holes on white paper at 8 power on a sunny day at 100 yards. Contrast is good. Color rendition is good.
<br>All of the knobs, buttons, etc work great. Nothing is stiff or sloppy. The turrets are an excellent design The 1X power is great. A true 1X with almost no distortion. Scope is bright to the edge at all settings. The 1X is almost as fast as an Aimpoint.
<br>Illumination is good and easy to set Eyebox is good at lower powers but tight at 8X. Reticle design is wonderful!

Very good, almost great.


Been using for 3 gun competition. Great optics! Very clear edge to edge. Adjustments are right on and never changed through the season. The reticle hold-overs are exactly what they are suppose to be. It isn't perfect though, because:
<br>It's heavy! But, to get optics this good in a 34 mm tube takes a lot of glass, which is heavy. The reticle needs improvement, though. At 1x it's just a fuzzy dot, and it's easy to lose on some backgrounds in close, fast shooting. Daylight visible illumination does help, but I prefer the black reticle when possible. The reticle needs something around it, like a heavy circle and/or heavy crosshairs leading toward the center.

No More Hesitation or Doubts Here . . .


Took several weeks of deliberation comparing to other brands hesitation and pondering whether or not to purchase this new Platinum Series 1-8X24mm Riflescope for my Daniel Defense DDM4V11. Oh yeah can't forget having watched every single YouTube video that Dimitri has posted as well. (Thanx Dimitri) Finally took the plunge and absolutely guarantee it was the best decision I could have ever made. This is one awesome piece of optics equipment for which I can't speak highly enough about. Great going guys and please keep up the great work too!

From my Point of view


Thought I'd go ahead and share my thoughts on this product as no one else has. First let me start by saying that while I like the tactical stuff as much as the next guy I don't expect (and pray so) to ever have to place any crosshairs on a human being. My effort was to place an optic on my gun that I could use for work as well as possibly some friendly competitions. I fell in love with the concept of the ACCS reticle the first time I saw it. Then I waited on an availability list for the PA 1-6 to arrive. Once placed on my rifle and sighted in I enjoyed the "as advertised" performance of it for a little over a year. It was primarily used for me at work where I deal with animal control (mostly coyotes) for a 2500+ acre facility. I was able to routinely take coyotes and sometimes much smaller critters at distances of 400 yards and in. (Never shot past 400 yards). The range estimation in built into the reticle makes the shots so incredibly easy. You can go from target acquisition to a firing solution in seconds. It was actually my positive experience with the cheaper 1-6 optic that lead me to take the plunge and purchase the much more expensive 1-8 Platinum Series version. It's absolutely not my MO to run out and by the higher dollar stuff this had been a first for me. However after two weeks (and four coyotes) of using this new optic I'm pleased to have spent the money. Using the two at the same facility I have had the opportunity to gage how much clearer the 1-8 is as well as the slightly different reticle is easier to use. I absolutely love this optic. Still if you are an occasional shooter or once or twice a year varmint hunter I would save your money and stay with the 1-6 as dollar for dollar it's a better value. However if you want to giver yourself every opportunity to achieve your adjective this I believe is on the economical side of the price range you'll be looking at. I will not be parting with mine. Actually I've begun saving for the new 6-30 ACCS Platinum Scope that just came out. My only regret about buying this scope was that I was supposed to get a free PA hat that never made the packaging. In all fairness I didn't call to mention it just thought of it in closing. You guys owe me a hat LOL!